Online, Prof. Karl Bardosh (New York University) Shoot4Earth művészeti igazgató
Prof. Dr. Nemeskéri Zsolt intézetigazgató, egyetemi tanár
Dr. habil Szécsi Gábor. dékán, egyetemi tanár
Kindl Gábor Shoot4Earth alapító/programigazgató

International Cellphone Cinema Showcase in Cannes scheduled July 13 at Eden Hotel Theater
On the 13th of July at 3:00 pm at the Eden Hotel Theater the INTERNATIONAL CELL PHONE CINEMA SHOWCASE – CANNES will screen, in conjunction with the Marche du Film, a collection of Award Winner shorts from Mobile Phone Festivals from around the world.
For the first time, the Winners of the Shoot4Earth Film Marathon will be shown in Cannes.
Headquartered in Hungary, it’s a unique International Competition that required to make one-minute films in 24 hours -connected to Earth Day in April 24, 2021.
The President of the current International Jury was the Oscar Winner film director, Istvan Szabo, Vice President, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Director of the Asian Film and Television Academy in Film City, Noida, India, and Artistic Director, Prof. Karl Bardosh of NYU. The Founder/Program Director is Gabor Kindl, Hungary.
This year’s Filmmaking Marathon’s Special Award was “In Loving Memory of Jiri Menzel” – the Oscar Winner Czech film director who had been President of the Jury several times since this global filmmaking competition started in 2004 named as DIGI24. It has called for shorts to be made in 24hours with small digital cameras including telephones. It was the first of this kind of competition in the world followed by many others: 24, 48 and 72 hour filmmaking competitions. 2021_One Minute (Mobile) Phone Films – Global + Hungary
In Loving Memory of Jiri Menzel –
Founder/Program Director: Gabor Kindl
President of the Jury: Istvan Szabo
Artistic Director: Prof. Karl Bardosh

Seedling (Germany) -not Mobile
Directors: Katalin Meszaros, Gabor Usztoke

„Best Global Film Shoot4Earth”.
– Cali for the Nature (USA)
Videó URL:

Runner Up: Green Living (China) (not Mobile)
Director:Yuling Zou

International Individual Prizes

Best Director – Attila Méreg / Vienna Austria
Videó URL:

Best Script – Sound of Pain
Fubá Team / Brazil
Videó URL:

Best Photography – Mother Earth
Shelby Conquest / USA
Videó URL:

Best Music – Martin Koszolko / Australia
Videó URL:

Best Effects – The Earth Must Live / Russia
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Best Film – Earth 2071 -not Mobile
Director/Writer: Laszlo Csecskedi

Best Director – Hands
Viktoria Toth-Matyas Milkovics
Videó URL:

Legjobb zene – Bolba
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