Some films, originally created for the Shoot4Earth global filmmaking contest, won prizes at the Global Short Film Awards, held in Cannes, in the category of Mobile Phone Filmmaking.

Attila MĂ©reg / Vienna Austria
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The Earth Must Live / Russia
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Shoot4Earth, the global filmmaking contest originated from Hungary, was acknowledged at the Global Short Film Awards in Cannes. The unique, 24-hour film-making marathon received the award for BEST PRODUCTION given for the world’s best short-film production.

The awards were handed out by Prof. Karl Bardosh – Artistic Director (Master Prof. Tisch School of Arts New York University) and received by the founder of Shoot4Earth, Gábor Kindl program director.

The films were screened and the awards were given out in Szekszård, at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development, part of the University of Pécs. The same location that gave place to the Shoot4Earth global filmmaking contest. Dr. habil Zådori Ivån, Deputy Dean of Foreign Affairs and Relations, Associate Professor and Prof. Dr. Nemeskéri Zsolt, Manager of the Institute were also present at the event.

The films screened at the Global Short Film Awards in Cannes:

Seedling (Germany) -not Mobile
Directors: Katalin Meszaros, Gabor Usztoke
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Cali for the Nature (USA)
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Green Living (China) (not – Mobile)
DirectorYuling Zou
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Sound of Pain
FubĂĄ Team / Brazil
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Mother Earth
Shelby Conquest / USA
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Martin Koszolko / Australia
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Earth 2071 -not Mobile
Director/Writer: Laszlo Csecskedi

Viktoria Toth-Matyas Milkovics
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Eva Bolba
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