The filmmarathon is sort of an athletic challenge. A race against time, as the participants only have one day, 24-hour hours, to make their film.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the changes we all have to do on a daily basis in our consuming habits. The competition aims to do that with the power of filmmaking.

A crew can have only one or more members. Participants have to create a maximum one minute long short film to raise awareness on what we can do to save our envorinment, like being a bit more energy efficient or taking a bit more care in our daily life.

The online competition is open to anyone from anywhere.

There is no entry fee, no age limit.

There are no technical restrictions. The films can be made with a digital camera, mobile phone or any other applicable camera.

During post-production any appropriate programs can be used.

There is no preferred genre for the films. It could be a live action short film, video clip or animation.

All the participants get the same time for making the film during the 24-hour marathon, considering the differences in the time-zone.

Registrations can be made up until the start of the competition at the official site of the program.

Start of the filmmaking competition: Saturday,14th of May, 2022,10 AM local time
The organizers will announce a few more details at the moment of the start in all the different time-zones. Out of these compulsory elements one must be incorporated in the film. Pre-shooting is prohibited!

In case there is a dialogue in the film it has to be subtitled in English.

The films have to be uploaded on YouTube. All the information given at the moment of registration, plus the Youtube link will have to be sent by email to the official address:

Deadline for the upload of the films: Sunday, 15th of May, 2022, 10 AM local time.

The films will be judged by a professional jury who will announce the results.

Announcement of results: Tuesday, 17st of May, 2022, 10 AM (GMT+1) online

International prize

In the amount of 5000 USD (cash and non-cash prizes, educational opportunities)

With the consent of the organizers of the program, an independent system of pricing by countries can be set up in case there is a need for that.

Regional Producers in different continents and/or certain countries will work with us in order to have the best possible program for the 24-hour filmmaking marathon.

Shoot, upload and win!

The organizers hope that this competition will help to further raise awareness to environmental thinking and responsible behaviour.

They wish to contribute to the best interests of humanity: keep the Blue Planet habitable for a long time so that it can remain the shared home of all the people.